The Holman's Hauling Inc. Health and Safety Management System is driven by leadership and commitment from senior management and its readiness to provide resources. Holman's Hauling Inc. is committed to providing a productive, safe and healthy work environment for our workers, contractors, clients, customers and visitors.


Holman’s Hauling Inc. Has held a current “Large” Employer COR since 1999. Our last “External” Audit score was 98%.


We also are members of Isnetworld, Complyworks, and PICS Auditing.

For some it's easy to let safety become secondary to "getting the job done", but studies have shown that type of  behavior is exponentially more costly in the long term.  We do not feel the two are mutually exclusive.  We believe that both can be accomplished, with little compromise.  We do everything we can to ensure your equipment and people are safe, as well as our drivers and the general public.

To ensure safety on your site/location, we require all drivers complete rigorous safety programs, included but not limited to,
  • H2S

  • First Aid/CPR

  • Cargo Securement

  • Environmental and Wildlife Training

  • Hours of Service


  • TDG

  • GODI

We also provide regular on going training to our employees including:

  • PST

  • Hours of Service (Log Books)

  • Hand Signals

  • Daily Vehicle Trip Inspection

  • Fatigue Management

  • Hazard Assessment

  • Electrical Safety

  • Fire Safety

  • On the job training

  • Mentorship programs



We have one the most highly trained and experienced team to meet all aspects of light oilfield and specialty hauling. Below are the requirements of each position within the Company:   




Must hold a current Transportation Safety certificate

Have considerable field experience

Must participate in Transportation Compliance audits, and all Health & Safety audits




Hold a current H2s Alive certificate

Hold a current Transportation Of Dangerous Goods certificate with training that includes specifically the transportation of explosive and radioactive materials.

Hold a current WHMIS certificate

Hold a current GODI certificate

Hold a current Standard First Aid certificate

Hold a current Crane Operators Journeyman certificate for equipment where it is required by legislation, or a current certificate showing formal training for the operation of smaller cranes as required by legislation.

Hold a current IRP 16 card as outlined in our Company Safety Manual.

Hold a current PST certificate

Hold a current Bear Awareness certificate



Besides the required certifications, all of our drivers have had extensive training that includes, but is certainly not limited to;


Formal training from an outside source for Vehicle Inspection

Formal training from an outside source for Log Books

Hazardous Awareness training

Commercial Vehicle Maintenance training

Bill Of Lading training

Rack Training and Certification when required

Load/Cargo Securement Certification.

We have been recognized as a leader in fleet safety management
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