SINCE 1976

Holman's Hauling is an Edmonton based company, founded back in 1976 by Larry Holman. A man with vision and desire, he started out with a pick up truck equipped with home made rocket launchers. He combined excellence, determination and hard work with an impeccable desire to serve.  He set out to serve the oil and gas industry at the highest standards and levels possible. To this day, we honor his legacy by adhering to these founding principles and commit to achieving excellence in everything we do 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Summer 2011(Estevan&truck)
Our Vision


To be the best oilfield trucking company in the industry. We will continue to provide the right equipment and expertise to take care of the needs of our people and our customers. Our successful future depends on the success and satisfaction of those we serve.

Our Company

The origins of the Company date back to 1976, when Larry Holman founded the Company with a 3/4-ton truck. Since then the Company has grown to over twenty power units of various sizes, with hauling capacities to 60,000 lbs, and picker trucks with lifting capacities to 20000 lbs. Today we have many hauling solutions and will continue to grow in the future, by adding the right people and equipment needed to fulfill our vision and commitment to the Oil and Gas industry.

Our People


When it comes down to it, it's all about the people. We're fortunate to have the best people in the industry. It's the commitment that our people make that has made us what we are today.

Our people care about all aspects of what we do, safety, results, relationships.

Most of our people have been with us for years, and their dedication is unmatched!

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Our Commitment


To serve the oil and gas industry to the highest levels possible by providing the right people, the right equipment, and expertise, while maintaining the best safety practices always. We are committed to achieving successful results for our people and our customers.